A Smart Toy for Smarter Children

PleIQ is a new kind of educational toy using Augmented Reality to stimulate the multiple intelligences on preschoolers.

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The smart toy that stimulate children's multiple intelligences

Play with PleIQ


PleIQ is a physical toy that contains 8 blocks and also is a digital one, having a mobile app. When they are used together, they bring to life 48 Augmented Reality Learning Experiences. Unlike traditional blocks, PleIQ blocks are very lightweight and safe to use and play with.

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Learn with PleIQ - Multiple Intelligences


PleIQ considers children’s different learning styles, developing their multiple intelligences and improving their early skills. Every cube comes with educational challenges that improve the children multiple intelligences.

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Explore with PleIQ


Every PleIQ experience is fully interactive in a complete tridimensional space. You can explore the experiences from every angle and understand the world just by moving and rotating the cubes or by touching the experience objects. It is like a video game in real life!

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For smart parents, that want smarter children

PleIQ helps the parents understand the children's progress and improve their skills.

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Evolving, Challenging and Entertaining

The app understands the children emotional states and tracks their cognitive development while they play, and then reports their progress to their parents and teachers.

Games & Challenges

We have designed a set of playful and educational challenges that helps children improve their multiple intelligences.

Inner Sound

The sound is an important sense in every child development. We made the cubes so it can generate sounds when moved or shaken.

Progress Reports

PleIQ tracks the children development while they play and send frequently email reports with hints about their improvements.

Meet the heroes

Be prepare for a whole new experience. Every set of PleIQ comes with more than 30 hero characters that are part of the 48 initial experiences.

PleIQ Heroes

A powerful learning tool for classrooms

Are you a teacher? Would you like to test PleIQ in your program?

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“I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in the world. Language content, musical content, spatial content, numerical content, etc.”
–Howard Gardner

Get ready for a whole new generation

Let your kid be among the first using PleIQ, and be part of the evolution of early education.

Learn with PleIQ - Multiple Intelligences

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