Thank you 2016! Welcome, 2017!


2016 was a year of significant progress and great satisfaction for PleIQ. It was a great honor and motivation been the winners of the 1st Place at the DemoDay of Start-Up Chile accelerator program on March, from more than 1,800 startups around the world that fill an application for Generation 14 of the program.

During the past year, we have strengthened our team with the inclusion of relevant talents who share our vision of an Augmented Education. We have also validated and enrich our value proposition with hundreds of children, and many teachers and education specialists.

We have expanded PleIQ’s capabilities to levels that exceed our expectations and we have been able to make important alliances with institutions and key players in the sector that will help us to achieve our goal of improving the quality of early childhood education for millions of children in Latin America.

Recently, in November, we won another meaningful prize from Start-Up Chile, the 1st Place of the Tech Evening, an event that calls for the most important startups in the country in Gaming and Electronic Commerce, including the best startups of other generations of the program. This represents an important validation of the value we are building.

We are very excited to announce that this will be the year in which PleIQ becomes available to the Latin American market!

We know that we still have great challenges to overcome in 2017, but we are sure that this will be the year in which we can materialize the vision and mission that motivates us further.

Thank you for being part of this dream.

–The PleIQ team

Investment in early education is vital for adult success

Nobel prize winner shows that investment in early education provides the highest returns, both for individuals and society.

The early childhood is the stage where the investment in education has the highest returns, both for individuals and society. Jim Heckman, Economy Nobel Laureate, showed that strong development of cognitive abilities at an early age are fundamental for economic success (1).

The following graph shows how is the return on human capital investment as a function of age. Overall, the highest impact is achieved investing in early education, at preschool, and it decreases towards adulthood


The reason is that, during childhood, the human brain goes through the most significant transformations, where neural complexity grows faster, at 1000 new neural connections per second, and the quality os those early learning experiences had the deepest and meaningful impact on the cognitive abilities development.

Providing children with a rich and stimulating environment during the first 1000 days is crucial to help to protect the brain from degenerative diseases at adult age, and to create the foundations for the development of more complex cognitive abilities, modifying their brain architecture (2).

Several studies made during the last decade across complementary fields of research (neuroscience, education, psychology, and economy), had been increasingly shown that besides an adequate nutrition, to provide a good quality early education is the key to the economic and affective success of individuals at adult age (3), no matters their initial social condition or the challenges faced during their lifetime.

We want to contribute to improving the quality of those early learning experiences, by providing a unique educational tool based on research and advanced technology to stimulate the multiple intelligences of children, combining the benefits of the physical and digital worlds to create an engaging and meaningful learning experience for preschoolers.

PleIQ – The Smart toy for today children


Welcome to PleIQ!

Our dream is to contribute to the multiple intelligence developments of a whole generation of children by integrating Augmented Reality into their early learning experiences.

To achieve it, we are developing a smart toy that combines the properties of the physical and digital worlds, within interactive and adaptive learning experiences, which we have named “PleIQ”.

PleIQ combines beautiful 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Experiences, and Artificial Intelligence algorithms into a play set of 8 cubes and a mobile app (for Android and iOS devices), offering 48 learning experiences that cover different abilities and capacities, inspire by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory.

We believe that every child is unique and has an incredible potential, which we could help to develop by improving their early learning experiences, by a stimulus that acknowledges their different learning styles, allowing them to develop their multiple intelligences at their peace.

We believe that is the best interest of every parent, teacher, and all society, to use the best science and technology at their hand to offer our children the best early educational experiences to foster its development and to maximize their chances to be highly successful in today’s tech-dominated world.

We are very excited about this great challenge. Join us on this incredible journey, let’s play, learn and explore together how to stimulate and foster the multiple intelligences of thousands of children, and this way, let’s help to build a better world.