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PleIQ is a new kind of educational resource that uses Augmented Reality to stimulate the Multiple Intelligences of children with ages 3 to 8.

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PleIQ combines the benefits of traditional and digital games by reinventing the way kids learn with cubes.

The learning cubes

PleIQ consists of a set of 8 cubes and a mobile application, which together create magic!. Letters, numbers, and symbols become into 48 incredible learning experiences in Augmented Reality.

Magical cubes

Stimulate the Multiple Intelligences

All the learning experiences in PleIQ were designed taking into account the research of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory and David Rose's Universal Learning Design.

  • Linguistic

    Learning the alphabet, reading comprehension

  • Logical

    Numbers, basic geometric shapes.

  • Naturalistic

    Recycling, animals, environmental care.

  • Visual

    Shape recognition, spatial perception.

  • Musical

    Basics of Sound, rhythm and notes.

  • Kinesthetic

    Fine and gross motor skills, body movement.

  • Intrapersonal

    Emotion recognition, self-knowledge.

  • Interpersonal

    Social relations, collaborative work.

Learning app

PleIQ allows you to monitor your child's progress for each intelligence, see their progress over time, and receive personalized recommendations to improve on nearly 200 educational competencies.

Learning platform

Meet the family

The PleIQ family is enormous and diverse. In each cube, there are fun characters to interact with them. Meet the companion, who will guide and help you whenever you play. Sometimes you will be the one to help him!

PleiQ Family

For smart parents who want happier and smarter children

PleIQ transforms tablets and smartphones into allies of the education of your children, making smart and valuable their screen time.

A new way to engage and learn

PleIQ offers rich educational experiences that create engagement with the kids, designed to foster their curiosity and creativity and to evolve according to their interests.

A new way to play and learn

Experience VR without glasses

PleIQ's activities go beyond the screen and integrate into the child's real space, allowing them to live an incredible learning experience

Experience VR without glasses

A natural way to learn

PleIQ allows you to learn in front of or behind the screen, as simple as taking a video or taking a selfie.

A natural way to play A natural way to play

Discover PleIQ’s universe

PleIQ comes with 48 educational experiences, but there are many more that you can download and expand the universe of activities for your children.

Integrated learning app

PleIQ is also an integrated solution that gives you valuable tools to support the early education of your children.

Adaptive content

Adaptive content

PleIQ includes Adaptive Learning technology so that learning experiences become suited to the specific learning needs of every child.

Bilingual content

Bilingual content

All of PleIQ's educational activities were designed to help children to learn two languages: English-Spanish. Available in other languages soon!

Progress reports

Progress reports

Get personalized reports of your child's progress, including tips on how to continue developing more than 160 competencies.

Pleiq app for schools

A powerful tool for the classroom

PleIQ for Schools allows teachers to obtain automatic reports about the individual or collective performances in real time, helping to identify their strengths and weakness, allowing for a more personalized education.

Learn more about PleIQ School

Happier and smarter children

PleIQ awakens the imagination, encourages creativity and enhances the motivation of your children. It's a new way to learn.

Achievements and awards

  • Selected Startup

    January 2014

  • Best Busisness Model

    November 2014

  • Semifinalist

    May 2015

  • 1st Place Demoday

    March 2016

  • 1st Place TechEvening

    December 2016

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App for iOS & Android

PleIQ's app works on devices running iOS or Android operative system, for both tablets and smartphones.

PleIQ revolutionizes toys with hundreds of years of history enhancing their impact on the development of the next generations!

Konrad Fernandez

Konrad Fernandez

Chief Operating Officer

As a mother I want my daughter to interact with technology, and if she can learn at that time and I can understand her skill, is perfect. Thank you PleIQ!

Vanessa Marcano

Vanessa Marcano


PleIQ is an incredibly innovative company that uses new technologies to improve early childhood education through play and self-discovery.

Marcus Dantus

Marcus Dantus


The versatility of the product, the imagination of the team and the huge market they attack make us witness a paradigm shift of our day to day.

Pepe Pascual

Pepe Pascual

Scout / Wayra Chile

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