A new way to read and explore
classic stories

PleIQ Stories lets you read and explore stories in 3D, interact with the animated characters and learn while you play. Content is in English and Spanish!

PleIQ Stories

Discover the story of Little Red Riding Hood

The classic story of the girl in the red cape, now with Augmented Reality, amazing interactive characters and activities to develop reading comprehension. All available now with PleIQ technology.

Read and explore the story as if you were part of it

PleIQ Stories make use of a PleIQ cube, a mobile application and an illustrated book. It's easy, this is how it works:

  • Download the app on your device

  • Read the story and scan the cube

  • Have fun exploring the story

Cubo, App y Libro
  • Cube
  • App
  • Book

Bilingual interactive story

Read and explore the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English and Spanish, with fun interactive experiences.

  • Read aloud mode

    Let the PleIQ companion tell the story for you.

  • Speed settings

    Adjust the speed of the narration to meet your needs.

  • Sleep mode

    Improve screen contrast for bedtime reading.

Experiencias de VR sin lentes

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Explore the story as if you were part of it. Scan the PleIQ cube to learn, discover and interact with amazing 3D characters.

  • Explore the story in 360 degrees

    Interact with the characters and discover the story!

Experiencias de VR sin lentes

Have fun while you read

PleIQ Stories generates learning experiences through discovery and encourages bilingual learning.

Meet the characters

Each of the PleIQ Stories has amazing characters to interact in both Augmented and Virtual Reality. You will be able to understand their interests and actions within the story.

Little Red Riding Hood




Develop reading comprehension

PleIQ Stories helps children develop their reading comprehension skills through fun games and educational activities.

Develop reading comprehension

Color the drawings

Each story has a large collection of drawings available for you to color. You can even make and share your own drawings!

PleIQ Stories - Color

Story in print and digital formats

Each of the PleIQ Stories come with a physical book that includes beautiful 2D illustrations on each page.

Libro de PleIQ Stories
PleIQ Stories app icon

Free app for iOS and Android

The PleIQ Stories mobile app works on devices such as tablets and smartphones with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Get PleIQ Stories now

Little Red Riding Hood


  • Little Red Riding Hood Book
  • PleIQ cube

Little Red Riding Hood + PleIQ


  • Little Red Riding Hood Book
  • PleIQ cube
  • Kit with 8 cubes of PleIQ

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