A smart toy for smarter, happier children

PleIQ Home is a new toy that uses Augmented Reality to develop the Multiple Intelligences of children ages 3 to 8.

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PleIQ combines the benefits of traditional and digital games by reinventing the way kids learn with cubes.

The learning cubes

PleIQ is a set of 8 cubes and a mobile application that, when used together, create magic! Letters, numbers, and symbols are transformed into 48 incredible Augmented Reality learning experiences.

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Develop Multiple Intelligences

All the learning experiences in PleIQ were designed based on the research of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and David Rose's Universal Design for Learning.

Learning platform

PleIQ allows you to track your child's progress for each intelligence, see their progress over time, and receive personalized recommendations to improve on nearly 160 educational skills.

Plataforma de aprendizaje

Meet the family

The PleIQ family is large and diverse. Every step of the way, there are fun characters to interact with. Meet your new companion who will guide and help you whenever you play. Sometimes you’ll be the one to help him!

PleiQ Family

For smart parents who want happier and smarter children

PleIQ transforms tablets and smartphones into partners in your child’s education. With PleIQ, screen time is constructive and beneficial.

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A new way to engage and learn

PleIQ offers rich educational experiences that evolve and adapt to your child’s interests. All activities are carefully designed to foster your child’s curiosity and creativity.

Una nueva forma de jugar y aprender

Experience VR without glasses

PleIQ's activities move beyond the screen and merge with your child's physical learning space, allowing them to experience an incredible educational adventure.

Experience VR without glasses

A natural way to learn

PleIQ allows your child to learn with real cubes using the device's camera to scan it, it’s very easy!

Una forma natural de jugar

Discover the PleIQ universe

PleIQ comes with dozens of educational experiences and many other activities designed to help your child learn while they play.

Universo de Experiencias

Integrated learning platform

PleIQ is an integrated system that offers many benefits and valuable tools that support the early education of your child.

Adaptive content

Adaptive content

PleIQ uses Adaptive Learning technology so that learning experiences adjust to suit the specific learning needs of every child.

Bilingual content

Multlingual content

All of PleIQ's educational activities were designed to help your child learn many languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Other languages will be available soon!

Progress reports

Progress reports

Get personalized reports detailing your child's progress and tips on how to help them develop over 160 skills.

A powerful tool for the classroom

PleIQ School allows teachers to obtain automatic reports about individual or collective student performance in real time, helping to identify their interests, strengths and weakness, and also allowing for a more personalized education.

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PleIQ School

Happier and smarter children

PleIQ awakens the imagination, encourages creativity and enhances your child’s motivation. It's the new way to play and learn.


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App for iOS & Android

The PleIQ app is compatible with both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

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